Retail Intelligence develops innovative, constructive solutions to current strategic and operative challenges in retail trade – from the customer and market analysis, through the development of tailor-made strategies, all the way to implementation planning. We thus achieve sustainable competitive advantages for our customers. We thereby make a point of accompanying the implementation process even after the consulting phase.


Retail Intelligence develops tailor-made strategies for retail. We offer our customers an overview of the major trends in retail, extensive professional and industry knowledge, as well as experience with finding and implementing a strategy. We thus find individual, successful solutions for our customers.

Our services

Market, customer and company analyses

  • Analysis of trends and market developments
  • Identifying the most important competitors
  • Positioning on the market, strengths and weaknesses
  • Customer segmentation
  • Financial development of the company, by areas, branches and assortments
  • Industry best practices
  • Area profitability analyses
  • Customer-centred product range analyses
  • Own-brand strategies
  • Organisation, processes, cost items
  • SWOT analyses, gap analyses

Strategy development

  • Customer segment strategy
  • Multi-channel strategies
  • Online to offline strategies
  • Positioning and branding strategy
  • Business types / Format strategy
  • Location strategies, expansion strategies
  • Product range and pricing strategy
  • Marketing and CRM strategy
  • Service and digitalisation strategies
  • Partner strategy
  • Business planning and stratification calculation

Implementation planning and implementation

  • Measure planning
  • Synergetic management
  • Deduction of quantitative effects and KPIs
  • Necessary resources
  • Organisational prerequisites for implementation
  • Interim management

Store planning

  • Modelling of instore customer journeys
  • Neighborhood analyses
  • Category size definition
  • 2D block planning
  • Business case

Store planning

  • Modelling of instore customer journeys
  • Neighborhood analyses
  • Category size definition
  • 2D block planning
  • Business case

Product range strategy

Analysis and recommendation per category of SKU packaging size requirements, organic share, regional share and e.g. free from share


When two companies merge, the process involves many challenges. We support our customers in the retail area in integrating companies of all kinds and help them achieve success.

Our services

  • Developing an integration plan
  • Achieving day-one readiness
  • Defining and managing measures for merging the companies
  • Organisational adjustments


Sometimes improving performance is all that is needed to solve current problems and to meet the increasing operational requirements of the sector. Retail Intelligence supports customers in processing contents and discovering options for improving performance. We thus find constructive, individual solutions for our customers.

Our services

  • Classic reorganisation & rehabilitation
  • Restructuring
  • Operational efficiency enhancements along the entire value-added chain

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