RITA - Retail Intelligence Tracking Analytics

RITA, the RETAIL INTELLIGENCE TRACKING ANALYTICS, tracks the whole customer visit: Full transparency of customer journeys by reconciliation of search and purchase behaviour. Seamless, in real-time and anonymous. RITA offers innovative Hardware, Software-and Analytics Solution from one source.

Digital supervision of all customer motions

3D-stereoscopes attached to the lighting system supervise your store digitally and document every single customer motion in real-time and without interruption.
For this purpose, floor space will be divided into flexible grids each one assigned to a specific role, e.g. assortment placement, check out or exit.

Every second the concrete positioning of your customers will be detected by object height (body height) or dwell-time to make motion patterns exactly traceable.

Via targeted tracking, transactions can be easily allocated to customers and actions can be directly taken at POS. Information will be evaluated anonymously, taking care of applicable data protection regulations.

RITA tracks the whole customer visit

  • Live-count visitors, Entrance / exit times, Dwell time
  • Travel paths / search behaviour, Conversion rate per assortment line, Bottle necks and blind spots
  • Dwell time per shelf, Shelf-grasps, Purchase break-ups
  • Buying behaviour (transaction data), Shopping classification (Mission), Waiting times at check-out

Check-out transaction will be reconciled with the search behaviour and our Shopper Mission Algorithm classifies each shopping trip according to the underlying purchasing motivation detected

Exclusive benefits through RITA

  • Maximum sales exhaustion through targeted motion tracking data
  • Increased conversion rate and optimally aligned assortment range
  • Boost of in-store frequency by flexible placements and identification of blind spots
  • Precise resource scheduling by using real-time forecasts
  • Efficiency increase of in-store communication
  • Flexible fields of application covering all relevant retail formats
  • 100% Anonymity – no photos or videos
  • Optional extra feature: Face recognition

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