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Retail Intelligence AG is a strategy consulting firm with an exclusive focus on trade. Our senior team has acquired many years' knowledge of the market and sector through its work both in the leading international retail companies and in specialised retail businesses operating at the national level. Our great seniority, clear focus on trade and the high degree of practical experience stand us in good stead in our projects.

"People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic."

Seth Godin

US-American Author & Entrepreneuer


Dr Florian Schmid has over 20 years' professional experience in trade, particularly in developing strategies for retail customers, including multi-channel, expansion, online, offline and customer-centred strategies. He has developed successful product range, own-brand and pricing strategies and has worked on projects in marketing, promotion, customer segmentation, customer journey and CRM. In addition, he was involved in the redesign and conceptual development of food, gastronomy and non-food formats for various retail customers. Dr. Florian Schmid has managed restructuring measures and cost reductions for a variety of retail firms, hypermarkets, supermarkets and luxury grocery stores as well as online companies. He has experience in trade-term and end-to-end optimisation of the supply chain, as well as investment and business planning.

Dr. Florian Schmid

Managing Director

Pascal Höhener


Egon Heiss

Expert / gourmet chef

Traugott Wierer

Senior Expert

Patrick Alber

Senior Manager

Hannes Lösch

Senior Manager

Michael Gorfer

Senior Consultant

Erwin Do



Our values are the cornerstones of our activities. Our consultancy work is characterised by competence, reliability, confidentiality and humanity.


We bring the greatest possible professional competence to bear when giving advice, in order to fulfil our customers' requirements through applying all the necessary knowledge and skills. We place great value on the demonstrable quality of our services. We therefore also support our customers in applying the strategies to reach successful implementation.


In order to ensure the sustainable success of our measures, we continue to assist our customers after the consultation, as we only feel satisfied with our concepts if they can also be implemented at the operative level of a customer's company. Reliability is important to us: we don't make promises that we can't keep.


A strong basis of trust, as well as discretion, are basic principles in our work as consultants. This means that information on our customers acquired during the consultation process is, as a matter of principle, treated as highly confidential. Without exception, such information can only be passed on with the express consent of the customer.


The consultation process depends on humanity and mutual regard. We hold constructive discussions at eye level with our customers and work together on a basis of trust. We maintain close contact with our customers even after the end of our consultation work.

Consulting approach

As industry experts, we seek constructive, innovative solutions together with our customers. Our concepts are not standardised solutions, but strategies that are individually tailor-made for the customer.

We work in a solution-oriented, committed way and take responsibility for our decisions. Our avowed standard is to be leaders in our field ‒ which is why the quality and success of our concepts are our top priority.

What we offer:

  • Know-how in retail, with a proven track record
  • Innovative ideas and creative solutions, combined with outstanding analytical competence
  • Individual, tailor-made strategies, always focused on the relevant end customers
  • Integrated, professional, time and cost-oriented project work

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